Ready to go!

Our class trip started at 8 am at our school. We took a bus and traveled about six hours to Calais. We were all very curious so we weren´t very quiet. In Calais we had to wait two  hours for the passport control and many buses were waiting. The controls were very strict because of the refugees wanting to cross the Channel to get to England.  But for us there were no problems so we could travel on to the big harbour. The ferry was very big and empty, when we entered, but it didn´t stay like this. We walked around, looked at the sea and talked about everything. After 90 minutes we arrived in Dover and had to wait because the buses, lorries and cars left our ferry first. We took another bus to Folkestone. It was already dark in England when we arrived. In Folkestone we met our host families for the first time. They took us home and we talked so we got to know each other better. That was our first evening in England.

Our first day: Folkestone

The first day we spent in Folkestone, the town where our host families live. At 9 o'clock our class came together at the coast to go on a treasure hunt, a rallye through the town. There we made teams of four asnd every team got a piece of paper with questions. So we needed to walk through Folkestone to answer the questions and had to ask people for the answers to improve our English!

We moved along the whole beach and through Folkestone City. At half past one we met at McDonald‘s in Folkstone. Each group counted their points. The winners went to McDonald‘s and ate whatever they wanted. The teachers paid the bills of the winners. Later on we climbed the steep steps at the coast, which was very exhausting to get back to the center. There we went shopping and sight-seeing together. After a nice and funny day we travelled back to our host families.

London, we are coming!

SprachreiseOn Wednesday, 5th October, we spent our day in London. In the morning we took the train from Folkestone to Charing Cross in London. We walked through London and the weather was very nice. First we went to Trafalgar Square. After that we crossed the Hungerford Bridge from where we had a nice view of the London Eye and Big Ben. Then we went to the London Eye and crossed Westminster Bridge and passed Big Ben. After that we walked through St. James Park and had time for a little snack. We left the park and stopped at Buckingham Palace. The Queen was in town! Then we walked to Oxford Street where we had three hours of free time for a little bit of shopping and having lunch. In the late afternoon we went to Covent Garden and on the way we walked through Chinatown. At Covent Garden we had some free time to eat something and to walk around and watch the artists which were presenting their shows. At 9 pm we took the train back to Folkestone. We took many fotos and we all had a really nice day.

Travelling back in time: Canterbury

SprachreiseWe travelled to Canterbury by taking the bus in the morning. We went into the city centre where we had free time to explore this old city. We visited different stores, for example a store where they sell only sweets. Around noon we visited the famous Canterbury
Cathedral. A guide told us a lot about the old cathedral, when it was built and what happened during the time it was built. The cathedral is built in Gothic style. The tower of the cathedral has got a height of 75 metres. It is named after a giant bell, "Bell Harry". Later, we went into a park where we played football. Then we took our bus to Folkestone and finally arrived at the homes of our host families.

Back to Pulheim

On Friday we traveled back to Germany. It was exactly the same way back. But we didn´t have to wait so long and it was quiet because we were all very tired. It was a great moment when we saw our families again after this week.
It was a great class trip. We saw cool and interesting things and learnt a lot. We want to say "Thank You" to our teachers Mr. Berghaus and Mrs. Jahnke.