Bili-Projekt 7cWe are class 7f. We are the second bilingual class at this school and this year we have Geography in English. It is already the third project we are working on.

In our English lessons we did a project which is called “My region, my city“. In unit 4 of our English book we learned many things about different regions in the UK from different people and talked about what is special in England and other parts of Great Britain. In one of the texts there were four people from different places in the UK and they told us what they liked about their regions.

Since we are going to England on a class trip next autumn we created a brochure about our region in this project. We will stay in Folkestone in different host families to improve and to practise our English.

In the brochure we tell what is special about or typical of Cologne and the region we live in. In groups of two or alone we did research and designed our own brochure on the computer. We chose six topics and wrote about them.

Bili-Projekt 7cBili-Projekt 7cBili-Projekt 7c

We had a lot of fun to work on the project and learned a lot. We are looking forward to taking our brochure to our host families in Folkestone and to presenting what we like about “our region and our city”.

Emma, Leah and Zoe, L. Berghaus