On Friday, May 3rd2019, the Whitehorse Theatre paid us a visit and we, classes 5a-d and 6a-d got the chance to watch a theatre play in English. 

whitehorse theatre 1whitehorse theatre 2

The title of the play is “Honesty” and it is performed by the Whitehorse Theatre. It’s about a brother and a sister who must buy tomato ketchup in a supermarket. But in the supermarket at the check-out a thief steals the bag of an old man, who happens to be the sibling’s neighbor. The two siblings follow the thief to London and in the end, they catch him.

I like the play because it’s funny, creative and the actors interacted well with the audience (for example, they ran through the rows and talked to us). The play is about one hour and 15 minutes long. I would recommend the play because it’s something for young and older people, because it’s never boring and because the actors act it out very well and it’s easy to understand. Go and watch it!

author: class 6a, H. Magerhans