(Mathematik) The Global Math Challenge

Ansprechpartner: Herr Berk
Kategorie: internationaler Wettbewerb
Klassen: Mathematik-Neigungskurse
Zielgruppe: mathematisch Interessierte
Niveau der Aufgaben: mittel

Global Math Challenge is an online math contest held worldwide. The questions have been designed to be enjoyed by both children and adults, with a focus on questions that encourage the use of logic and flexible thinking. 9 age-based courses give you the opportunity to complete with math fans of the same age group.

The GMC score is statistically calculated on a 1000-point scale, based on the number of correct answers as well as time spent on each question and the difficulty levels. On the result page, you can check out various information including your GMC score, your world ranking, the score distribution map, an assessment of your test technique, and more.

Global Math Challenge classifies student's thinking process into 5 thinking strategies. Each question in GMC needs one or more of these strategies to arrive at a successful answer. Once the challenge is complete, you can see what strategies your students tend to take, and get with practical advice on how to improve their critical thinking.

The analysis based on 5 Thinking Strategies shows what types of questions your school excels at and where you can improve. After reviewing the analysis together, let your students have another go at questions they found difficult. Encourage your class to approach questions they found difficult in new ways and see what difference a fresh perspective makes.

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